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Peregrine Falcons have not nested at the Gulf Tower since 2014, but the same pair that last nested there (known to area falcon watchers as Dori and Louie) still controls the entire Downtown territory.  From last December through this February, the pair has appeared at the Gulf Tower site intermittently, and we are cautiously optimistic that they will decide to use the site for nesting this year.  Stay tuned!

2016 Nesting Season Summary

2016 was another successful nesting year for the Downtown Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcons even though they ultimately didn’t choose the Gulf Tower site with its nestcam.  The pair known as Dori and Louie began the year at the Gulf Tower nest and visited frequently until mid-March, but then they disappeared.  Volunteer falcon watchers couldn’t find them for almost two months, but finally, on May 9, Lori Maggio saw them bringing food to their old nest site on 3rd Avenue.  The chicks appeared at the nest opening on May 31, and four chicks fledged within three days: June 6-8.  One fledgling became temporarily grounded on Wood Street, but volunteers were able to contact PA Game Commission officers who moved it to a perch well above street level.  The fourth chick flew successfully from that perch the very next day.  After the chicks became independent, Dori and Louie spent the rest of the year visiting all three of their former nest sites.


Peregrine Falcons have nested in downtown Pittsburgh since 1991. For 21 years in a row they nested at the Gulf Tower, then they left it for a new site across the street from Point Park University in 2012 and 2013.  On March 10, 2014 they returned to the Gulf Tower and successfuly nested there.  Encouraged by their return, prior to the 2015 nesting season we installed a brand new, high-definiton camera at the Gulf Tower nest site. That year the pair decided to nest near Macy's downtown.  In 2016 the pair again returned to the Gulf Building and showed some interest in the nest box, but then they elected to return to their 2013 nesting location near Point Park University.  We're crossing our fingers for 2017!

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Peregrine Nest, Gulf Tower Pittsburgh

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