African Penguin Chicks

Say Hello to Our New Baby African Penguins! 

It's a Boy!

...and, it's a Girl, too!

Our two new African Penguin chicks hatched on November 29 and December 2 from eggs laid on October 22 and October 26.  When they hatched they only weighed about 50 grams, or about the same as a store-bought chicken egg. 

In the photo below, Penguin Keeper, Chris Gaus, carefully examines one of the newly hatched chicks.

Now, as we approach Christmas, they are about a month old, and they have grown tremendously in just four weeks--they now weigh more than ten times their hatching weight!


The parents of our new African Penguin chicks, Sidney and Bette, have been together at the National Aviary since the summer of 2010. 

Here are photos of the proud parents:


You Can Come and Watch Our Penguin Chicks Grow Up!

Wild African Penguin chicks typically leave the nest at around four weeks, which is about how old our two new chicks were at Christmas time.  The chicks will be hand-raised in our hospital nursery. Best of all, our visitors can watch them grow up through a window overlooking their brooder pen in the hospital annex now through January 28, 2014.  When they are old enough and big enough to join our Penguin Point colony this spring, our flock of this endangered species will have grown to eighteen birds!