Now Growing!

It's an exciting new year at the National Aviary!

Ring in 2018 at the National Aviary! Explore a tropical paradise and start the new year off right. Meet adorable penguin chicks at a daily chick talk, get up close to an armadillo, and participate in a Winter Hawk Survey! 

Make your visit to the one-and-only National Aviary unforgettable with new and exciting experiences:
      • Baby Sloth Talk - Daily at 12:30 pm
        Meet our new, furry resident! See Vivien up close, and ask any questions you may have about her!

      • Penguin Chick Talk - Daily at 2 pm
        Penguin parents Sidney and Bette had two chicks that hatched on December 16 and December 20. Meet the adorable chicks, learn about this endangered species, and what you can do to help African Penguins. 

      • Armadillo Encounter – Daily at 2:30 pm
        Learn all about our Southern Three-banded Armadillo, take photos, touch his natural armor, and interact with him using enrichment toys. Advance reservation recommended.

      • Winter Raptor Survey - January 31 & February 3
        Embark on this exciting winter adventure with National Aviary ornithologist, Bob Mulvihill! Travel north of Pittsburgh to see as many as ten different raptor species, including the winter-only Rough-legged Hawk and a pair of nesting Bald Eagles.

        Photo by Steve Gosser. 

Check out what's new:

  • NEW! Rhinoceros Hornbill Painting - Thursdays at 9:30 am
    Choose your paint colors and watch a Rhinoceros Hornbill use its unusual beak to hold a paintbrush and make an original masterpiece just for you! Reservation Required. 
  • Masters of the Sky - January 27 & 28
    Learn about the powerful and graceful birds who rule the sky – majestic eagles, impressive condors, and stealthy falcons. See birds of prey up close, make a fun craft, and attend a themed story time, and enjoy visits from a bird on glove! Open 10 am - 5 pm, with special activities from 11 am - 3pm! Included with admission.
  • Penguin Painting – February 11 at 3 pm
    Our talented penguins paint with their feet! Guests will choose paint colors and take home an original masterpiece.
  • Welcome to the Jungle - February 23
    Need to warm up this winter?  A tropical jungle is closer than you think!  Take a break from the winter weather and enjoy a rainforest-inspired evening at the National Aviary’s 21+ fundraiser! 
Find One-of-a-Kind Gifts and Souvenirs!
  • Maker Challenge - Local Art featuring the National Aviary's most popular animals is available for purchase in our gift shop. Visit to discover beautiful pieces for your home and thoughtful gifts for friends and family.